Safety Through Education - Program Rules

  1. Violation of any program rules/guidelines may result in your discharge, at the discretion of staff, from the Safety Through Education Driver Intervention Program. Any behavior or action which may compromise the integrity of the Safety Through Education Program may result in immediate discharge.
  2. CELL PHONE RULE: As stated in rule #1, violation of any rule including this cell phone rule, may result in your discharge from the program. At the beginning of every group session, please remember to turn off your phone. You may be discharged from the program if your phone is not turned off or if you are observed using your phone during any group or individual session throughout the entire weekend. Leave all other devices such as I-pads, laptops, headphones, etc. in your rooms.
  3. 3. REQUIRED INFORMATION RULE: You are required to provide detailed information on your court contact, probation officer, and attorney (if applicable) or public defender to the Safety Through Education Program no later than Friday of the weekend you are attending. If you have not already documented the necessary information on your information form, you must obtain this information during your free time on Friday by 5:00 p.m. This information includes your attorney’s/public defender's name, address, phone/fax numbers, and email address. Failure to thoroughly complete your information form will delay your program completion report from being faxed or emailed to your court, probation officer, and attorney.
  4. Safety Through Education is an alcohol and drug free program. Possession or use of alcohol or drugs by clients, verified by staff’s reasonable suspicion, will result in immediate discharge. This includes any clients possessing drug paraphernalia.
  5. Personal property is subject to search at any time. All contraband will be confiscated.
  6. Violence, possession of weapons, or threats made to clients or staff is not tolerated. Any deliberate or negligent actions harmful to the safety or welfare of clients or staff will result in immediate discharge from Safety Through Education and legal action taken if appropriate.
  7. Sexual harassment or any sexual contact with clients, staff or other persons will result in immediate discharge.
  8. All clients are expected to be on time and participate in all scheduled sessions and related program activities. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated during sessions and may result in discharge from the program. Eight meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday) will be prepared for you.  
  9. Clients must be appropriately dressed at all times.
  10. If clients are not present in their rooms, the rooms are to be kept locked. Staff and hotel management are not responsible for any items missing or stolen from rooms.
  11. No visitors are allowed on the hotel premises during the 72-hour program. Clients are not allowed to have other clients, except their own roommates, in their rooms. If you are having something (medication, food only on Thursday, personal items, clothes, money, etc.) delivered, you must inform program staff about who is coming, when (day and time), and what they will bring. Do not have someone show up at the hotel without first informing staff.
  12. Staff will conduct nightly room checks. Clients are to be in their rooms by 11:00 p.m. every night (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Those not present at this curfew time will be considered absent without leave – AWOL. Do not leave your room early in the morning when it is still dark outside.
  13. Clients are not permitted to leave the assigned area of the hotel unless approved by staff. Clients may go to a gas station during a meal period after they receive permission from staff.
  14. The main smoking area is outside the front/sliding glass doors of the hotel which is a non-smoking facility. Do not smoke in your room.
  15. Do not drive to the Safety Through Education Program if your driver license is suspended.
  16. Clients are not allowed in the restaurant/bar area except on Thursdays after the group ends around 9:30 p.m. or during days/times when meals are scheduled to be served in the restaurant area. Do not sit at the bar if you order dinner from the restaurant on Thursday night. You can eat your dinner on Thursday in the restaurant area or take the food to your room.
  17. Clients in triple rooms should consider alternating rollaway beds with their roommates. Each night a different person should occupy a rollaway unless other arrangements are made between roommates. The hotel housecleaners are very good at changing the bedding in all rooms each day and providing fresh sheets and covers.
  18. The hotel swimming pool is prohibited. You are allowed to use the hotel's gym/workout facility.

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The Safety Through Education Driver Intervention Program is a 72-hour residential program certified by the State of Ohio. The program is an alternative to incarceration for persons who have been arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse. The purpose of Safety Through Education is to provide intervention services mandated by the legal system for OVI offenders. The program helps individuals recognize the seriousness of OVI and the need to change their drinking and driving practices. Safety Through Education accomplishes this through screening, education, and referral services. The ultimate
goal of the program is to help reduce the amount of OVI cases in the community by promoting safety through education.

2024 Program Dates

January 11 - 14

July 11 - 14

February 8 - 11

August 15 - 18

March 14 - 17

September 12 - 15

April 11 - 14

October 10 - 13

May 16 - 19

November 7 - 10

June 13 - 16

December 5 - 8

If you register with a credit card at, please call after you make your payment for important program information. You are unable to attend the program if you show up at the hotel without calling in advance.

The program is located at:
DoubleTree By Hilton
(log on to for hotel directions)
1100 Crocker Road
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 871-6000

Program times are from 5:30 p.m. Thursday to 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The program costs $295 for three nights in the hotel, all meals except on Thursday evening, education and group discussion sessions on traffic safety, alcoholism and drug abuse, and OVI related issues. This fee does not include an assessment but arrangements can be made if you need an assessment.

Registration is possible with a credit card or a debit card through the website listed above, by cash or mail. If you register with a credit card or debit card at, please call after you make your payment for important program information. You are unable to attend the program if you show up at the hotel without calling in advance. If you register by mail, the full payment is due no later than one week prior to the beginning of the program by check or money order, payable to Safety Through Education and sent to:

Safety Through Education
Driver Intervention Program
26777 Lorain Road, Suite 403
North Olmsted, OH 44070